Comic-Con is Disneyland for Adults

Comic-Con is Disneyland for Adults

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You would think that a comic convention would be about comic books, though, it seems that the infamous Comic-Con San Diego resembles Disneyland more than WonderCon and other comic book conventions.

The resemblances are uncanny. The long lines, the over priced hotdogs/nachos, people dressed up like their idols, and the list goes on. Though, like Disneyland there is something magical about Comic-Con. It unlocks the imagination of all its attendees. Although only a few people are allowed to pass the large sterile doors into the convention center, the few that do enter a whole new world. There are ghosts and goblins, overweight superheroes, and costumes made of puns. Ever seen master chef?

The panels resemble the rides with lines into the rooms easily surpassing an hour, and for the best ones over three hours. So while you’re stuck have existential wonders about your place in society while waiting in these lines you are finally lead into a dark room onto a shitty, rickety, worn seat and are finally reminded why you waited so long. The wonderful thing that happens in these massive halls are the rides of Comic-Con, there are where the latest breaking announcements are made. Where people’s imagination are finally unlocked.

I mean this year alone they announced ‘Batman and Superman’.

Although like any titan there are a couple downsides. Disneyland is known for excessively scavenging corpses.  Ever heard about what was going to happen to Toy Story 2? Disney was going to make a terrible straight-to-DVD film but luckily Pixar intervened. So like Disneyland, Comic-Con has grown largely out of its original intention and instead has become a titan that is eating itself alive. Hollywood began ransacking superheroes for fresh material, the problem is that they are picking up dead carcasses and selling it as fresh meat. It has been confirmed over, and over that neither Christopher Nolan nor Christian Bale will be reprising their roles in any upcoming Batman Films. So what does that mean? Simply put we have a new Batman on our hands.

So like Spider-Man once famously claimed, ‘With great power, comes great responsibility.’ And it seems Comic-Con has not been handling their new power so well.

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