Fame Is The Mask That Eats Away At The Face

Fame Is The Mask That Eats Away At The Face

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Everyone wears masks. Sometimes, a person switches masks throughout the day, from how they treat their lover, compared to how they speak to their friends.

Though, as John Updike famously claimed: Fame is the mask that eats away at the face.

The reason is because fame is a persona that is created for the person wearing the mask, though, like any toxic relationship, and any addiction, it eats away the person leaving a silicon remnant. Silicon gods and goddesses rule us, although we know them as silver screen stars.

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Our society no longer has Titans, or Demi-Gods. We’ve killed them all with the invention of a consuming driven society. Greek mythology used to take this place, and then other forms of religion, but when we decided to create capitalism, religion becomes mute.  The TV is turned up too high for us to hear it anymore.

The people we treat as royalty are film stars. We think of them as superhuman and impenetrable to human mistakes. This is why we’re driven to knowing about their lives constantly. The way the Greeks used to tell stories about Zeus, and his affairs, we now gossip about John Mayer’s promiscuous life.

Everybody wants a taste of the celebrity life because the media has photo shopped away the edges. That’s until the latest breaking story on TMZ tells us how a famous star has screwed up and is going to rehab, again. This is were people have to realize, that as great as life may seem as a celebrity, to only view being famous as a goal is dangerous because it’s an addiction. People lose themselves to the personas that were created for them.

Uniqueness is a gift, and as Marilyn Monroe claimed:

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

So understand we’re all imperfect, and that is why we’re all individuals. Mistakes make us human. So if you’ve ever wanted to come to Hollywood to become famous keep in mind :

Changing destinations won’t change who you are.

California is about living the dream, not finding one.

That’s why L.A. is called the City of Angels, it all about living in the heavens and having a crown made of clouds, but not above them.

The Greek Gods eventually died, and so too will our silicon ones.

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