The ‘Members Only’ Are Back With the Rest of Retro Culture

The ‘Members Only’ Are Back With the Rest of Retro Culture

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Vinyl is so last year, and cassettes are in, along with the iconic ‘Members Only’ jacket.

So you’re wondering how? Well, check out Myspace’s post about the top 25 cassettes this year. And you’re probably also telling us that the ‘Members Only’ died out? Well check again, they’re back and strong.

Though this goes into something that our culture is obsessed with, our past simply put – retro. Art is a reflection of society. A large reason is that modern society is obsessed with the past because it’s so easily available. Teenagers these days are able to see everything with the click of a mouse, though that’s also the downfall.

Ever wonder why Instagram is so popular? It’s because it creates nostalgia where there is none. Today’s youth don’t have anything tangible to represent their past, so they create nostalgia with a filter. This allows them to feel as if they’ve lived ‘the good old days.’

Transformers, Spider-Man, X-Men, ThunderCats are all in today’s pop culture, as they were in the eighties too. A reasonable conclusion would be the kids of the eighties grew up and are finally in control of today’s entertainment, and what better way to live the past than see your heroes on the silver screen?

What are you? The last member?

And anyone that grew up in the eighties knows that the ‘Members Only’ were sick. Everyone had the jacket from Michael Jackson to the kid next door. So, along with heroes of the past, fashion from the eighties are back. Contemporary media shows this growing trend with one of the funniest jokes made in the film Shallow Hal about how Jack Black is caught wearing a Members Only jacket and asked, “What are you? The last member?”

Fortunately he isn’t anymore. The great thing about digging through the past for culture is that people that lived during that time period can enjoy remembering the old days just as much as today’s youth can enjoy discovering the past. And film is the final frontier for pop culture, we digest copious amount of media on a daily basis that we try to emulate our heroes. What they love we love. What they wear we wear. So let’s live the past and join the ‘Members Only’ club along with some New Wave Music on cassettes.

What do you think of obsession with the past? Is it healthy or should we just move on? Leave your comments below.

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