5 Western Films That Became an Expensive Bust

5 Western Films That Became an Expensive Bust

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From the looks of it The Lone Ranger looks like a bust. The magical team that brought the world The Pirates of the Caribbean hoped to stir into the magical Hollywood cauldron to bring back the Western genre.  Though their 275 Million dollar bet seems to have gone to waste. Winning streaks can only last for so long. Though like any addiction, raising the stakes doesn’t automatically guarantee winning, if anything, it means that you’ve won too much and now it’s your time to lose. Why do you think Vegas is successful?

Though there is something very different between winning in Vegas and winning in Hollywood. The numbers are a different. In Vegas you win the moment you break even; though, some people forget that breaking even consist of paying for your flight, your hotel room, and other miscellaneous expenses. In Hollywood you break even when you double your investment, why? The reason is because in Hollywood you almost never release how much money you actually sink into a film. What people seem to forget is marketing. Those advertisements on billboard cost a lot, and guess what? That’s not included in the official production budget.

So we took a look at some recent Western Hollywood busts that cost studios quite a bit:

 3:10 to Yuma

The film stars Russell Crowe and Christian Bale seemed to have had a huge influence on these films’ success with critics. Though that didn’t seem to translate to audience participation. The film was hailed during award season but made a measly 70 Million internationally against a 55 Million dollar budget.


This is another critically acclaimed film, but has a rather unappealing return attached. Film reviews that appeared of Appaloosa after the Toronto Film Festival were lukewarm, and show potential. Though Renée Zellweger’s acting was considered a bust. Sometime things just don’t’ work out. This film cost 28 Million against a 20 Million dollar budget.

Wild Wild West

When Hollywood tries to add flare they make sure to go out with a bang. This 1999 film staring Will Smith was inflated with Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) in an attempt to bring out the classic film series ‘Wild Wild West’ cool factor for the 21 century. Well it didn’t work out. The film was panned by critics and made a modest return of 222 Million against a 170 Million dollar budget.

Cowboys and Aliens

First Contact. Last Stand. This slogan seems to have captured the blend of Sci-fi against Western pretty well, and even more so, the general disappointments of box office return. The film’s director Jon Favreau coming of Iron Man sought to try his hand in a new style of filmmaking. Though, it seems like it didn’t pay off with the film making 175 Million against a 163 Million dollar budget.

Jonah Hex

This was the largest disappointment. The film’s release had trouble due to Megan Fox’s rather disastrous name calling affair after her stint on Transformers. This film was a complete flop and hated by critics. Just to give you an idea the film was made on 47 Million dollar budget but only had a return of 11 Million. Now that’s a bust.

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