John Williams Is the Hero of Hollywood’s Composers

John Williams Is the Hero of Hollywood’s Composers

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If you’re a fan of Star Wars you’ve probably heard the buzz about the latest, though small, leaks about Star Wars Episode VII. So you’ve might even heard that John Williams is returning to compose the score.

Though what you might not know, and some of you might not even have recognized his name, he is considered by some as the greatest living composer. Think the infamous opening song.

John Williams is one of the most influential musicians today, and even rivals the big leagues such as The Doors, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones.  He’s been in the game for six decades.

John Williams has composed some of the most recognizable songs in modern film soundtrack. His credits include Jaws, the entire Star Wars Series to dates, Superman (the original), the Indiana Jones Series, Jurassic Park, and even Harry Potter. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are a plethora of songs that you can whistle the tune to, but never knew who actually created the song, well, now you know.

So if you were looking at the films you might be able to see that John Williams has a long partnership with the incredibly famous Steven Spielberg. There is this very interesting story that when Spielberg finished his masterpiece Schindler’s List, he screened the film for John Williams asking him if he’d compose the film. Though John Williams, after watching the film, replied that he deserved a better composer. To which Spielberg replied: “Yes, but they are all dead.” Talk about putting John Williams on a pedestal. Though I said he delivered well beyond the call of duty.

Sometimes in Hollywood it’s difficult to be recognized if your face isn’t plastered in billboards all over the world, which sucks, but I think it’s time to commemorate an amazing composer whose work has appeared in some of the accepted classical in recent film history.

And to think you always said how much you hate classical music.

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